Keep me in your pocket.....

Hi friends! It's FRIYAY!

The other day, I posed a question on the old Facebook, it went something like this.

"If I wrote a photography blog, would anyone out there read it?" I asked people to respond in the comments.....

Roughly 1,100 people saw that post....not ONE person commented.


So, new day. And, like any sane person would... I decided the best thing (after my overwhelming response to my question) was to just go ahead, and start my blog. I mean, after all. My mom will read it! *HI MOM*


I want to just jump right into this. Like we are all old friends. And just answer some of the questions you all ask me on the regular.

Q: What kind of gear do you use.

A: Currently, I shoot a DSLR, and am learning the art of film. As for digital, I shoot Canon. I chose Canon because it was on sale. I LOVE me a good sale. I then found a used one on a for sale site, and purchased that one too.

So, I have 2 Canon bodies I take with me EVERYWHERE - a Rebel T3 and a Rebel T4i.

I am asked when I will "upgrade" and the answer is "I dunno, they work for me now." And they have been good to me, so I will keep them. No need to get all cray, and spend thousands of dollars on gear that for right now, is perfect for me. And my vision.

Back to it....both of my bodies have kits. I did upgrade my lens' a while ago, and keep adding as I can. I have a 50mm that I use ALL THE TIME, I also have my big mama-jamma EF 70-200mm f/2.8L that I bust out on occasion. People like to see me with that sucker, for some reason in the land of professional photography bigger is better. It totally confuses peeps when I shoot my little fixed 50mm.

Remember folks, beautiful things come in small packages.

I also I have a couple of vintage lens' that I picked up in consignment shops, and I use them when I feel artsy. They are scratched in all the right places. I wish they could tell me stories of the adventures they have been on...what they have seen. What photographs they have taken.

When I started to teach myself how to photograph people, I used a straight old point and shoot camera that was $65.00 on clearance from a big box store.

What I am trying to say is this. The gear means nothing. Many of the worlds greatest photographers used old film cameras that take hours to shoot on. Sure, would it be AMAZING to own the best Sony camera out there? DUH! I would be in tech girl heaven. BUT, the reality is this. Nothing takes a photograph as beautifully as your eyes. So when they come out with a camera that takes images as I see them.....hit me up.

Until then, I stick with my tried and true. The ones that taught me my craft. Buy the best gear you can afford. And teach yourself everything about it. Most people don't even know how rad their camera is!

Get out there. Take some pictures!!

PS: This was the first shots I ever took with my T3. It's unedited. Perfect. She launched my career, and love affair with the still image.

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