A virtual raising of hands.....

How many of you, whilst planning an event, where you need to be photographed....went to Pinterest and looked at "inspiration" and then pinned that stuff like there was no tomorrow!?


(not really, I didn't have Pinterest waaaaaaaay back then, but I did buy every magazine there was.)

When you go into Pinterest, you see what is trending. Be it food, or decor, it's what is trendy. It's the same pictures over and over, but you just don't realize it becuase there are so many. I have said this before, while it's super duper fun, please try not to get caught up in it. Like diagnosing yourself on WebMd, it's important to sometimes leave it to the experts.


I am always trying to modernize my photography, keep it fresh with a new perspective. All while not losing sight of what people want. I am no fool, I still need to stay on trend, without becoming boring and deliver what folks want. :)

It wasn't too long ago that Birth Photography was unheard of, right? Now it's pretty common. And gaining more momentum as the "standard" thing to do when you have a child.

This seems stagnant for events, such as weddings. Nothing is changing.

It goes something like this.......been going on like this for years.

Step one: We get engaged. Let's take PICS!

Step two: We are having a wedding. Let's take PICS!


Huh? Wait a second. You get engaged, and you are planning this huge event and you get 2 sessions? To document all that blood, sweat and let's not forget....tears? I SAY NO! This has to change. I get the wedding is SUPER important, and yes, you SHOULD hire a professional photographer to capture that moment.


Recently, I have been changing it up. Keeping it new, now. Be in this moment. Everyone has the power to take a real time photograph or video and share it. It's the bulldozing power of social media. Makes everyone a real time photographic renegade. While engagement photos are adorable, and I love shooting them....I really like the grit. The real stuff. The raw moments that really, only you and your soon to be spouse see.

SO? I came up with a new package for my wedding people, should they want it. I am calling it (wait for it)

"The Whole Enchilada." *Yes, that is really what I am calling it, I like humor. And, also enchilada's.*

In this package, I will pop by your recital dinner, or whatever you have going on the day before. Even if it's a PJ day, and you're just eating ice-cream and watching Netflix. I will of course shoot the wedding...I will then come the day after, and bombard you in your room. LUCKY! I will take cute hung over, wild lion hair, coffee bliss faced, morning pics. And lastly, 6 months into it photos. In your home. Doing newlywed home things.

Dude, I can smell enchilada's. And, that seems like it will be very expensive. IF you know me at all, you know I have priced this to be accessible for most. And keeps the art of wedding portraiture on point, current, and now. The way it should be.

And maybe, just maybe? YOUR photos will be the new #trending photos on Pinterest. That everyone, just has to have.

Cheers to moving onward, and breaking new ground. And, also.....enchiladas!

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