Care Bears, Red Vines and No Shoes......

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Reno. I was there literally 24 hours. I got to see the venue, where my friend and now client will be getting married. I got to visit Lake Tahoe, and it was such a treat to see water.

I got to see Sunsets of a different color, and horizons unlike the desert. And I was breathless. Because with every day I work hard, in between tantrums and the chaos of my crazy life.... I am making my dream of travel photography (and a farm full of rescued animals) a reality.

You see friends, many of us hustle through our lives. Never really "seeing" anything. We forget the magic of clouds, and who might be living up there. We forgot the joy of Red Vines. We survive for the next "thing" and don't stop and live for the now.

Photography helps keep me imagining what could be. What COULD be up in those clouds?

I guess I am known for being a little eccentric.

"Take off your shoes. And walk."

For instance, my friend who I went to visit in Reno had an engagement session at a house she had been going too her whole life. Somehow, she and her darling fiance had NO idea that this property had these crazy pathways, that we hiked through to take pics of them surrounded by sun-kissed flowers. But me? Well, I saw them immediately....they had no idea they were even there.

The magic is there. It's always there. You just have to take a deep breath, and let it find you. Then, once you do? Take a photograph.

On the way home, I took this of the clouds from the plane. I just may have been eating Red Vines, and dreaming of Care Bears and Unicorns....

Live for the moment, feel the joy. You will find that magic.

If you are looking for a photographer with an edge, for a special event, and you are not in the Phoenix Metro Area, please reach out! I am happy to travel for anything! Let's create beauty and magic together.

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