13,140 and counting......

So, if you have ever met me you know that I am a HUGE lover of my birthday. I mean yeah, we get older. I have more wrinkles, and it's harder for me to get up. My once fluid joints now snap, crackle and pop. Things hurt. My friends who are younger (you know who you are) make fun of me. I mean, this just makes me wiser, right? *wink*

I have been alive 13,140 days. Save yourself a Google search, it's 36 years. And I am super stoked to be here. Got me thinking, why do we get all amped for our kids first birthday, but then over the years this milestone fizzles? I mean, we LIVED another year! That is freaking RAD. We contributed to this universe for an additional 365 days. We are special. We need to celebrate this!

I love cake. I love parties. But, as we get older we shift our focus onto our children, and not ourselves. We lose our sparkle. And frosting. We schedule photo sessions for our kids. Not us.

Not anymore.

Recently, a very special human being passed away. His name is (I use is, becuase he may not actually be here anymore but his work is) Bill Cunningham. He was a fashion photographer for the New York Times. You may not have ever heard of him, but I PROMISE you, that you have seen his work. His life, was given to the art of fashion and street photography. He rode his bike around NYC (and the world) snapping pictures of people on the street. He did this, until he passed away at the age of 87. His influence is seen all over the pages of fashion magazines. You would know him if you saw him, his trademark blue windbreaker and infectious smile. He got first row seats to all the shows, and sat next to the likes of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. A simple man, who just really loved people, photos, and fashion. And, birthdays.

I never met him. But man, I sure would have loved too.

If you have ever shot with me, you know that I get attached. I invest my whole emotional being into your session. I want to feel it. I am unconventional. I buzz around like a bee on Starbucks and sometimes land in odd positions. Whatever it takes to get that shot. Whatever it takes to get your emotions onto film.

If you have shot with me, you know I will stop you often, and force you to breathe. Because all of us have this weird desire to hold our breathe when we are taking photos. It's like a birthday over 29. It's not that bad. Just breathe.

Say it with me.....breeeeaaaaatttthhhheeeeee

Today? I am celebrating my life. My soul that is here, my aching bones and that I made it another year. I will reflect on how fortunate I am, and how freaking excited I am to do this again. Should it be in the cards for me.

CELEBRATE these days. Praise your magic. Because I sure would be lucky to get another 13,140 (or more) days here on this beautiful earth.

Call me. Let's schedule a beautiful portrait session to celebrate your divine whirlwind trip around the sun. You bring your happy, I will bring cake.

Happy Freaking Birthday to ME!

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