Naked. And Swifty.....

Confession. I peruse the online rag mags. There's a few reasons for this.

1. Makes me feel better about my life.

2. Keeps me fresh on what is trending photographically.

3. I like finding out who Taylor Swift is dating.

Now, today I read an article of sorts on Mila Kunis. She is on the cover of a new magazine "makeup free." This woman is beautiful. It's kind of unreal, just how striking she is. And, while I love the proclamation of "naked skin," it's total bull. There was excellent light, and of course some serious post editing. Sooooo kinda defeats the purpose of the empowerment. And could be misleading to many.

So, let's keep it real.

I am famous for not editing my images too much. Many think I do, but I really don't. I mean sure, if you have a huge zit on your face, or spaghetti sauce on your shirt, or baby poop on your pants...wellllll surely, I will help you out. But as far as making you skinnier, or tanner or whatever. No dice.

I won't do it.

I, do not wear makeup. I kind of look like a hippie that fell out of a dumpster half the time. I have a Ziploc bag of Elf products that I sometimes use, if I am going someplace "fancy" and very red lipstick that I will slap on if I need a super power boost. But that is it.

I do, however smile a lot. And I laugh a lot. And I twirl a lot and I don't have many wrinkles. Not yet anyway.....

Reality check...I DO often look at myself and think "OMG WOMEN HELP YO-SELF OUT!" I wonder if my kids feel bad that I am not Sephora perfect all the time. (My girls comment when I wear makeup that I look "fancy.") I wonder if my husband would like it if I was as flawless as Kylie Jenner.

Nah. ---------> Proof. And right up my nose. Enjoy.

Please don't get this twisted. I LOVE watching all the ladies with their amazing contour and perfect lips. It's just not my jam. And when I say that, I can appreciate the art. I just like to sleep.

Back to Mila....

When I am photographing people, I focus on what is shining through your eyes. Your Aura. Whatever "it" is that makes you, YOU. It can't be enhanced with anything. Because it's nothing that can be purchased in a store, or learned online. It's you. Simple. Honest. Authentic. You.

Book me. I will capture your raw, glorious face on film. And I will love what you see.

Oh and also, if Mila Kunis is reading this? Can I take your picture? You are a goddess.


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