Heavy bones.

Sometimes the world is, well? Heavy. A friend of mine, used to call me and say "my coffee table is heavy" meaning, there is a lot on his plate. I knew that he was sad, and needed a hug.

This is how I feel. Heavy.

The world these days seems bleak. Nothing seems uplifting. Everyone has something to complain about. People are being killed, wars being threatened. Politics are out of control. Everyone is fighting.

It's hard sometimes for me, to figure out how I am going to make any sort of a positive impact. Change anything for the better. I cringe thinking about how I am going to explain this to my kids.

And then? I am asked to simply do my job. And I remember, that I can't change much. BUT? I can change something. Donate some of my skills.

Meet Jax. This boy is pretty much on the brink of death. Neglected by his owner, this older gelding was rescued today, by a 501c3 client of mine.

My mission, is to help nonprofits use the art of photography to bring awareness to their mission. I often bring my children with me, because I have no choice. Sometimes, the abuse is too raw and I make them stay in the comfort of the conditioning with movie while I work. In this case, My oldest child wanted to come "touch him."

I couldn't refuse that.

I snapped this photo while she was meeting Jax. She smiled. It's a juxtaposition of what is going on. This horse, so thin and weak. Kind in the eyes, but still willing to love. My child, full of hope and joy. No idea what this world has going on.

And it hit me. This is what we can do. Show kindness. Be brave. Move forward.

So, today while we mourn the loss of innocent lives around the world to hate....think about the joy and innocence of a child. The forgiving nature of an abused animal who holds no grudges. And move forward with love.

It may not change everything, but it will change you.

If you are willing, the 501c3 that I helped today is Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge. They rescue Arizona's most abused equine. A bale of hay is $15.00 and they are always in need of donations.

Please check them out. Tell them "Blairey" sent you. <3

#oneworld #everyonehassomethingtooffer

If you are a 501c3 that is in need of photography help, please contact me. I am always willing to help.

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