Matchy Matchy......light a match.

Hello people! Today we discuss.....the clothing debate. To match, or not to match. That is the question.

I am often asked when a client books me, what they should wear. It's a normal question.

Have you ever had a meal that you know you ate. But it was bland. I mean, sure, it did the job. You're full. But, it was just meh? Now, close your eyes. Do you remember the best meal your grandmother ever made? You can taste it. It sticks with you. To your ribs, that cover your heart. It's warm, like a hug. For me? It's my Gramma Gene's peach pie. There's NOTHING like it.

The trend of the 90's was to all match. So, you all probably had family pics taken with khakis and white collar-popped polo's lounging on grass. I love these photos. It's like white bread. Everyone loves it. But.....

Where is the personality? Where is the individuality? Come on people....let's show some color! Let's live a little! The tried and true for anyone is that yellow will make you appear larger, and green will make you appear smaller. This has nothing to do with weight, it's how light reflects off the lens. Period. Prism power.

Any good photographer will tell you, that it really doesn't matter WHAT you are wearing (unless we are shooting to showcase the clothes, and not the person in them) becuase the focus is on the eyes, heart and magic.

So, don't get bogged down in this. Don't panic. Don't worry. Does your kid want to rock his favorite super hero socks? LET HIM. Does your daughter want to wear her princess shoes? LET HER. Do you feel pretty in cutoffs and a white T? WEAR IT. I will tell you 20 years. When you look back on those images, you will remember how spunky your kids were. How happy you felt. You will see a snapshot of this time. That you can't get back. Ever. YOUR families personality shining through. No one will care, and it will make you chuckle.

Sure beats that bland white bread.....crazy socks and all.

Now booking October 2016. Please let me know if you are looking to shoot!

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