The pullback......

So the other day, I snapped an image of my daughter as she slept.

A few things. She is my fire child, and as they say......there's nothing more glorious than a sleeping baby.

She also had a cold. A BAD one, and was snoring. But she looked so angelic. I HAD to do it. My IPhone was handy. So? I snapped 2 images (one handed) as my other child whined about wanting pizza and my Dane was forcing her face under my arm for a pet.

You gotta do, whatcha gotta do!

I thought after I quickly edited and posted it, that I would show you all what the before and after looks like. And the pullback of the original image. So you can see the power of editing and cropping.

There she be. Two quick snaps. I got my other child upstairs (after pizza) and opened up my VSCO. If you do not have this editing app....GET IT NOW.

It's also an online gallery (I do not use that) but I LOVE their filters.

I decided to go ahead and use the second image. The composition of it was better, and the light seemed less yellow. I cropped it to her face, leaving what appears to be only black negative space around her. My couch is dark green, so this works out. I used the VSCO P5 filter at +9 and sharpened. I also added a little more grain.

This process took me about 30 seconds. But the outcome is extraordinary. Now, had I been on my PC, I would have edited a little more with the old dodge and burn tool (accentuates light and dark points on the image) and added some more highlights where the light hit her little face. But I liked the simple (kind of wrong) way this looked and left it as is.

This the end result. It's beautiful and simple and exactly how it was.

So take more pictures. And fiddle around with some fun editing apps. You'll be shocked at the level it takes your images too!

Cheers peeps

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