Today's tip: Don't do that..................

Ever hand those moments in life, where you think you have it all figured out and then *BAM* curve-ball. Your groove is suddenly, "ungroovy" and you feel derailed.

That is like this blog. My intention was to share photography tips. I mean, I do share them, but what this is evolving into is more of a "yeah I feel you" with the emphases on photographic imagery and how that correlates into our everyday hustle.

I think. A lot. My brain really never shuts off. My hubs doesn't ever understand why I am so tired all the time. Well dear, it's because I literally, never stop. I am constantly reading, or studying, or pulling random things out of the toilet (while I am reading, while chasing my toddler.)

In case you didn't know. I am in love with the craft of photography. It's really the closest thing to magic. How else can you freeze a moment for all eternity? There is no other way.

Magic. Tweaking out magical.

Speaking of magic. I live in the land of "Blaire" where anything can be done. I am obsessed with the idea that someday, I will be asked to photograph incredible people like Stephen Hawking, Betty White, or Jack Nicholson at a Vanity Fair after party. I can literally see it, Jack laughing his signature laugh, with some huge cigar blazing as I snap a raw, gritty image of him.

See, I have those dreams. I believe they are tangible. I believe the impossible is possible, for anyone.

People ask me all the time "how long have you been doing this?" The truth is. Not long. I have been taking photos for a long time, but "professionally" only 3ish years. I didn't really know I even had this talent. To be honest, I didn't' even want to call myself a photographer becuase I felt like I had not earned that title. Often, I still don't.

Back to the groove, the blog. Tips. The shitty to the happy. Such is life, where there is the abyss of possibility....there is the big bad wolf in the room. His name is REALITY.

Be warned. He bites.

Reality is a nice warm blanket that coveres razor blades for those nay-sayers who think I am crazy.

Newsflash I am crazy, the best people are.

Reality Bites people like to play this crappy role in our ungroovyness....In my world...they use a condescending voice that I adore. They ask me often in a slooooooow drawl....."how's the little business going, honey? Hoping I will snap, or that I will have said I am failing. This is how they, *think* they win.

I remain calm, control my poison, and respond accordingly.

I smile,......"It's going great, thank you." They have no idea the storm inside. The fire. They don't see the plan. I am simultaneously snapping mental images of the expression on their face as their warm blanket turns cold and they don't get what they want. A reaction.

Remember, those people need us. We need them. They are the force of negative, but oh so persuasive nature that pushes us forward.

We've got shit to do. Ceilings to smash. Planes to catch. People to prove wrong.

I do have *some* sense of reality though. I am now kind of old. I feel like I wasted half my life searching for this fire, and missed moments trying to be something I was not. So lame.

Today's Tip: Don't do that.

I don't know the photography rules. So, guess what? I don't follow them. I don't know all the acronyms, or terms by heart. I don't have all the cool new gear. I often have to Google things to figure it out. It's trial and error. Often super frustrating for me.

Someone once said "Blaire, she gets away with everything." I chucked. I guess I do, becuase I don't care what anyone thinks. I do what I want, unless it could harm someone, or cause distress. I won't do that, even if that means I have to do things the hard way or could and does take me longer. #ethics

This is the universe showing me how to be patient. And it's how I have taught myself to photograph people. Basically, I take images of them candidly without them knowing I am even there. It's become my signature, what sets me apart, and why I am booked for months.

So friends who actually read my babble. Don't waver from your authenticity. Bend if you must, but do not break. Be open to learning, search that knowledge out. Oh, and get critique. Hell, ASK for it. Be prepared to hear it, and maybe get a little burned. Don't panic, wounds heal. Your ego will heal.

Chip away at that gigantic metaphorical wood door in your way, drop an F bomb if you accidentally smash your own hand with the hammer.

It's okay.

Just get up. Show up. Don't sleep. Bust your ass, and you can be ANYTHING you want. Don't be scared of failure, it's the best teacher. Get mad, cry. Eat a cookie and fucking keep going.

Be kind and give, a lot. More than you have. It comes back to you.

One life. One fucking life. Live the shit out of it. Laugh like the beauty in the image in this post. She had no idea I took this photo. It's gritty perfection.

Call me. Let's do this, be on my ride or die Soul Pic Train. Let's not follow the rules together.




Shot on Canon Mark 5iii

1/200 sec. f/2.8 200mm

ISO 12800

VSCO T-1 Moody +9

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