Blue hair, and button eyes......

Ever seen Coraline? If you haven't. Go. Go right now. It's the best. In a nutshell, it's about this little spitfire of a girl with vibrant blue hair (Coraline) and the dynamics between her, and her parents.

They move away, into an old house. Her parents work hard. They are tired. And to Coraline, nothing is fun.

But, as it's a magic house, where through dreams, and a tiny door you can go to the "other mother." Where everything is "better." The house. The food. The parents. The lack of fun....

Or so it seems.....

There's a catch. You see friends....there is always a catch. In order to must allow the "other mother" to steal your soul, and sew buttons onto your eyes. And if you do? Well, it is not what is promised.

And it is not as magical as it appears. And you are trapped.

This story was written in 2002 by British author Neil Gaiman, and brought to life by the genius that is Tim Burton. Seriously. Watch it.

Back to the blog. Anyone have Snap Chat? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OMG I am OBSESSED with the filters. I have no idea how to actually use the app for social media reasons, but my kids and I laugh our heads off when we make each other into gigantic waffles or monkeys.

I was on my Facebook today, reading what "The Refinery" had to say, and a friend posted a photo of herself. She had used the Snap Chat filter that makes your skin all smooth. A few thoughts.....

1. This girl has cheekbones to DIE for.

2. Her eyes sparkle.

3. She is a dime.

4. Snap Chat is ruining our lives.

I IMMEDIATELY commented. Not to shoot her down. But to remind her.....Oh friend, you are so pretty, without sandblasted skin. Your beautiful pores, that allow your skin to breathe is miracuous. The tiny baby hairs that catch light, like tiny fireworks are gorgeous. The uneven tones in your skin, are proof that your heart is beating. Embrace that. Those imperfections that you see, we do not. You, and your perfectly imperfect skin that protect your heart and keep your soul safe should be celebrated, not covered.

Go ahead....change yourself into toast if you must. But please, allow yourself the gift of seeing your true grace, and stop using apps that change you. It's not worth it. And there is always....that catch.

But for is a sampling of my Snap Chat adventures.

Happy Thursday! Keep it weird.

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