I have come to accept, that I really do see the world differently than most. I see things in squares, rectangles and in snapshots. I can pick out tiny details, that others miss. I often point them out to people, and I can literally see their minds being blown. I did this the other day, a dear friend (who is also a photog) took a pic of her kids playing. Her cat had strategically run under her daughter, and at the time of the shot it literally looked like her kid was riding the cat. While simultaneously playing with her brother.


Having this uber attention to detail has it's perks. And works wonders for my job. It's a cool talent, but not extraordinary.

I just allow myself, to see things as they are. Not for what I want them to be.

So.....what if, for just 24 hours you allowed yourself to see things a little differently. What if, you took a photo that was not "perfect," but honest. What if you just let things go.

Let it be.

I task you with this. Photography is magical. Your daily life is a gift. Document that. And (becuase I hear this excuse a lot) you don't need anything fancy pants to capture it. Just a phone, or simple point and shoot will do.

I snapped these two images today. If you are my friend, you may have seen them.

What I love about the frame of them, is how they are not centered. Or straight. Or textbook. Or right.

Life is none of those things, either.

For 24 hours. Let go. Take some photos that are not status quo. Be messy. Be dirty. Be free. Be you.

And if you are still not ready to gift yoruself with this freedom, let me do it for you. I would be honored to show you, the beauty that I see.




LEFT Photo:

VSCO M5 +9




Shot on iPhone 6+ Midday

RIGHT Photo:

VSCO F2 +8



GRAIN (as is)

Shot on iPhone 6+ Midday

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