Cardio, kids and Holiday Photos.......


How many of you just started to laugh.

We have ALL done this. Hell, I have done this. You get your kids all dressed up. They have ZERO dirt on them (visible anyway) and they all look presh.

You just want one. Just ONE DAMN PHOTO.

So you chase them. You beg them. You try your best to wrangle them. All in vain.

And before you know it, you have 3 (in my case anyway) disheveled kids making some crazy face, with something weird in their hands and you put your white flag up.

And you mutter..."Fuck it. This is what is going on the Christmas Card."

UPSIDE?! You have just now just burned 490574837608276027.4 calories chasing them around. #youearnedacocktail

And? I LOVE it.

My FAVE time of year, is school picture day. I see all the posts. Cute kids with curled hair. Moms flipping out that their kids won't look good for the photo.

Me? BAAAAAAAAAAAAA I LIVE for it. Crazy hair? BOOM! Let's do this. The more awkward, the better.

I know what you're thinking "you are a photographer and can take pics of your kids all day." #truthpaste

SO. CAN. YOU! Mic Drop......

I can help.


I am going to offer, classes! Small groups, detailed instruction and can change how you take photos of your kiddos. Forever. Some will be online, via FB live and some will be in person at a location.

Stay tuned for pricing and details!

Keep trying friends. Remember, dirt is just "kid glitter." *wink*

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