Be Selfish......

The other day, while I was out shooting, a client mentioned to me that she was so thankful to have been able to have the guts to allow me to photograph her. She was overjoyed with it. For HERSELF. She's not sharing the images. Neither, am I. These were for her and her family. And that is it.

This got me thinking. Who do we actually take photos for? For me, it's to bring joy to others. Or to make people laugh. A timeline of sorts.

But why do hire, and then PAY someone? Who are we taking these images for.....think about this. Really, be honest now.

For the "likes?" For the compliments? I am guessing, it's partly ego. That's honest, and that is okay. But, who ends up with these images? I would hope, the grandchildren we have not met yet.

So back to the pics. A photog friend asked me today for some advice. On how to direct the shoot. I laughed. I don't direct anything....I go and play for an hour. Make some new friends, or catch up with old ones. Do we always have to follow the rules?

Man, I sure hope not.

I recently shot a wedding at the Phoenix Zoo. The couple is downright flipping amazing. They wanted FUN. Hell, they ARE THE F IN FUN.

They wanted silly shots, that shows who they are. As people. As a family. And? I couldn't be more happy about this.

SO much pressure to be "Pinterest Perfect." To be like all the rest. Carbon copy images.

UGH! I am 100% over this. I am over trying to please others. Parents. Boss's. Magazines. Facebook. ALLLLL of it.

The pictures that your grand-kids will want to see, are the ones that are authentic. The images that tell a story. That show you, for you.

So go on an imaginary safari. Go dance on tables, and stop fussing about perfect. Don't live for the "like."

Live for the love.

You do NOT have to be serious. You do NOT have to be "normal." You do NOT have to be ANYTHING you damn well don't want to be.

BE SELFISH in what you want from your photographer. It's okay. Be brave. It's cool.

Do you. Be you. The universe needs more of that.

And, let me be the one to help you see how rad, you really are.



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