I have fallen, but I don't need help.......


It's been a minute since my past post. Some know by now, that a few weeks ago while attempting another DIY project my ninja like skills failed me. I fell off a ladder, and broke my (oh yes) right elbow. I also left a large imprint (that I am leaving) in my drywall. It's the shape of my skull. And it stays.

First off. I didn't know that you could break your elbow.

Secondly, yes. It hurts as bad as it sounds.

Third. I did have to have surgery to fix it.

Fourth (this is getting to be a long list) I am typing this with one hand.

Thankfully, my surgeon is the best of the best and a family friend. Screwed me right back together.

That brings us to, today. You know those moments in life, where it's like EUREKA! And I am not talking about vacuums. I am talking clarity.

I had that moment yesterday. I literally can not live, unless I create art. It's in my blood. It's who I am. Come hell or high ladder, I am going to make art. Even if that means I have to do it with one hand tied behind my back.

A friend (and soon to be client) today asked me "how are you doing this!?" The truth is friends, when you love what you do. And I mean with your entire being it's not hard. Nothing will stop you from achieving greatness. Nothing will quell that fire that burns within me.

Like laundry, it must be done.

This is one of my all time favorite shots that I have ever taken. It was of my kids at Tempe Town Lake. At an event to bring awareness to the Autism Community. I went to support 2 of my close friends. And the parents of many of my clients. Water is a rare thing around these parts. And I love the simplicity of the shot.

Today however? I was inspired by the dinner that I burned. Like the fire within me, I needed to WORK. I uploaded this image, and gave it some new life.

I love this. It's weird. But you can't stop looking at it. It's not perfect. But it's perfect. And I dig it.

I am back people. Pain or shine. My goal remains.

Vanity Fair.....I am still coming for you.

Get it peeps! Booking 2017.....let's do it.

Art Before Dishes.....



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