FLOCK IT! Tangled lights........


Well, not really. Normally I post on Thursday, but since it's a holiday and many of you will be napping due to a tryptophan binge....thought I would go ahead and do this thing.


Yesterday we put up our trees. I decked our halls to silly, glittery, kid safe perfection.

Today, I was tiding up from the Christmas Decor explosion, and stopped to admire our tree. It's a small tree. My husband and I got it when we first started dating. Started to fill it with things we love. Like our Monkey Tree Topper....ornaments from trips, and people, and our kids. I noticed that we are running out of room.

How special is that? So much love, we are running out of room. We all have busy lives. We all have things that make us crazy. But then something as small as noticing our tree, really noticing the "stuff" we put on that tree. The memories. And the amazing lack of space on it, that in an instant reminds me how rad this life-ride is. And, how important documenting those milestones are.

Every year, I take my kids to see Santa. It's a tradition that takes place on December 17. My first born's birthday. We pack up, drive to see the same guy. For the same, awesome, screaming, overpriced photograph that I just love. I often daydream about forcing them to go as teenagers. It's a perk of my mom-job.

Recently, I was asked to give some tips on how I photograph kids for Inspired Media 360. It's that time of year you know....when people have annual photos taken. My answers never waiver.

Let your kids be who they are. Don't force anything. Let the expectation go. Be happy and free. And allow the moment to develop organically. Take a photo of your tree, EVERY SINGE YEAR to see how it progresses. Oh, and TURN OFF YOUR FLASH please. PLEASE. When you are photographing your tree, turn off that flash. It will do you no favors.

Share love and laughter, even when cussing at a ball of tangled lights or a flocked tree explosion. It's cool.

Happy Merry Friends!

Go on with your bad selves....henceforth and let the stretchy pants free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in reading the article I collaborated on...here you go!


EDIT DETAILS : Shot on Canon T4i

1/500 sec. f/5 105mm


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