Turnovers, they aren't just for apples.....

I came up with that witty title, and now all I am thinking about are yummy Apple Turnovers.

This is going well. :)

The other day, my husband made a comment, "Do you think people get freaked out by how fast you deliver your pictures?"

Wellllllllllllllll, maybe? When I have a new client and we wrap, I get this crazy stare from my peeps goes something like this.

Client- "Wait, that is it!?"

Me- "Yup. We are donezies."

*Insert stiff, blank stare*

The hubsters are usually GIDDY at this moment, and the Mama bear looks worried. I always reassure them, it's okay. It's all going to be, okay.

So, here is the thing. If you have worked with me before. You know that I work VERY fast. It's not that I am rushing. It's quite the opposite! I just know the nanosecond that I have "the shot" for my client. I know, in my gut when it's time to stop. I won't wast anyone's time, or energy. Kids have the attention span of a fly.. It's just not worth it. I would rather use the remaining time, go hang out, drink a beer and eat something.

Apple Turnovers still sounding mighty good......

Many of my clients are those with special needs. Some more than others. Many are unable to make eye contact, or connect with me verbally. Some have medical devices that require constant changing, or maintenance. Some folks need help. I, am hyper aware of this. Also, animals for instance, well they don't care what I am there for. So I HAVE to get the shot quickly, and efficiently and do it with kindness. I have taught myself to shoot fast, so that everyone can get their pics done, and move on. Because that is usually how it must be.

Once you know my style, you will feel at ease. I promise. Now, onto the editing part of the program. Maybe you know this, maybe you don't. Gonna tell you again. When I was a child, I wanted NOTHING more than to be a professional ballerina. This was no childhood fantasy, I lived, breathed and worked my ass off for years to try and achieve this goal. I was taught by the best, and danced along side some of those you pay to see dance on fancy stages across the globe. My dream didn't work out, but it still was a major part of my life and what has shaped my personality and drive. Ballet (like all sports) is no joke. You have to learn and memorize steps quickly, and repeat them over and over with precision. This paved the way for my speediness in the corporate world where deadlines rule, and people are impatient. I work fast. Efficient and fast. With an end goal of perfection.

I do not power edit. I believe I have said this before. Meaning, I do not sit down and edit hundreds of images from different shoots at once unless it is absolutely necessary. And, it's really only happened a few times. Again, I do not send my images to a retoucher. I do everything, from start to finish. I give my whole heart to each edit as it happens.

I am also a nerd. After a shoot, I literally can not wait to see the shots that I had just taken. So? I get home, unpack and upload. I will usually get sucked in, and start to edit. And before I know it. I am usually done.

Now what? Do I sent them that night? YOU BET YOUR SWEET FACE I DO! Because that is how I roll.

On average for a standard sesh, I have about a week turn time. But often, it's much less. Because I want my clients to have their treasures ASAP. Don't get it twisted. I don't skimp on quality. I am a total perfectionist. I just don't pile work up. It makes me crazy.

Still thinking about Apple Turnovers....

So? That is the dilly on the Turnover. Apple, cheese or photography. It's all yummy, and it's all good. Book me. Let's play!



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