"Take your broken heart, and turn it into art....."

I have listened to this quote over and over. It's sort of taken on a life of it's own. It's funny how your mind can do that. Morph what is said, or what you see, so it appeals to you and your beliefs. It's how some love Picasso, while other Monet.

Art is really hard. All forms of it. Be it photography, paint medium, jewelry making, textile or design. It's hard. Many think it isn't, but friends. It so is. What appeals to one doesn't appeal to all. A lot of it is politics, who is coolest. Who is "new and hot."

So, here I sit. Thinking of this blog post. Why do you come here? What can I write to you, that is meaningful. How can I be inspired, and inspiring? How are you feeling? What are you feeling. What is it about me, that you find drawn too that makes you come back here.

What is it, about me?

I can't answer that question. But, I can tell you what brings me back to the camera. What brings me back here. Why I (and I often have) bad days of self doubt, and comparison to others. When I want to quit. But don't.

I think of Peter.

Peter Lindbergh. If you think you don't know who he is, you are mistaken. His work is everywhere. His work is iconic. His clients are the cream of the crop, but that is not what makes him special. His heart does. When you listen to the people he photographs speak of him, they simply say the same thing in their own way.

"He is kind. He sees me, for me."

Listen. I am no Peter Lindbergh. As I type this, my 2 year old is screaming her face off. I don't have a fancy studio. I barely have a desk of my own. I have an old Canon T4i that I purchased second hand, and use that daily. I edit the simple images I take of you, when I can. Without fancy editing software.

I am trying to balance this silly dream if mine, while holding onto a life, and creating this blog. And all the while, I think of kind Peter, in his trademark hat. Who started out, becuase his brother wanted pictures of his children taken. So, Peter decided to give it a go.

When I feel like giving up. I breathe, and I see you. I am as honest about my work, and how I see you as I can be. Because that friends, is where the magic is. That is where the purity is. Where the authenticity is, and why I keep going back to my tried and true old camera, that keeps me humble and grounded.

In 2017 my heart will be open, and on my sleeve. You will see it reflected in the images I release, and in the words I type.

And should you want to be a part of that, I would be honored.

I make art, because it's hard. And, it heals my heart.


Vogue CH - Natalia Vodianova by Peter Lindbergh - Jun 2011

Caption Editing by IBCLLC

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