Let's see this two ways.....

Hi friends! Are you there? I feel like the internet has lost it's mind, and many have left.

Myself included.

The upside (I always look to the upside) is that with this uprising, it has catapulted me into a new direction. Scary? Yes. But the newness it bright. With change comes new opportunities. With new perspective, growth.

So here is my wish for you.....try to see things two ways. Try a new point of view. Use a different lens.

As the winds change, I hope that you feel it like a summer breeze upon skin. Welcome it, like a warm hug of optimism.

As you walk your own pathway on this earth, I hope you are mindful of it's peaks and valleys, and that you don't beat yourself up if you trip.

Please keep your feet planted firmly, but know that dirt, sand and sea is ever-changing. Be brave, and do what you feel is right. Be different. And not follow crowds.

That as things move forward, you allow yourself the gift of trying something new.

Photography can show you what you don't see with your own eyes. It can take you places you are scared to go too. It can make you believe in magic.

Get out there. Take some images. Don't get bogged down in perfection or the "stuff" just do it.

If you are ready for some new, fresh perspective on photos, call me! I am moving away from the "status quo" and going to start to follow my own path. I would be stoked to have you come with me!

Happy Wednesday Friends.....



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