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So Beyonce has broken the internet. She (and her 2 new nuggets) have snatched the title from Selena Gomez, as the most "liked" photograph on Instagram. Eight million and counting.

With this gem...........

The literal nanosecond she posted this picture, my phone blew up. Mostly of people confused. It was actually a nice change from politics, so I welcomed it.

So many do not get this picture. A wave of confusion, dipped in more confusion, wrapped in a confusion bow. One friend made me laugh out loud as I read her text: "SHE IS FUCKING BEYONCE! What was she thinking!?"

I had my guesses as to who shot this image. I had an idea where it was going. Turns out? I was dead wrong about the artist. His name? Awol Erizku. I actually have been a fan of his work, for a while. However, I was 100% correct on the vibe.

Harpers Bazaar today confirmed that Erizku shot the image, and Beyonce has released the rest of them on her site. It's entitled "I have three hearts." You can click the link below to read more. As you see the series, it becomes more clear the vision of the pieces. It makes more sense. I wasn't too far off on my guess.

Back to it, have had time to digest the photograph. And I gotta say it. Bey did good. It has a Mother Theresa-esque quality to it. A sort of modern day, 80's Miami Vice meets St. Mary Vibe. It's 100% grown on me. And I love it. It's iconic, and now. Fresh, strong and new. It breaks the status-quo and I dig that.

And come on, Bey can do zero wrong. She knows her art. She knew exactly what she was doing in posting this image, and it worked.

Let the fierceness sink in.

This is what I am about. Images that make you think, and talk. Hate it or love it, doesn't matter. It's thought provoking. So? While I am not (yet) being called in by Bey and Z to shoot photos, I am willing to make art with you!

Let's shoot!





Photo Credit: Awol Erizku

Edited by: IBCLLC

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