"So I could come along....."

It's a weird time. Bombs being dropped. People being pulled of planes. Sometimes I feel like my job is so trivial, I mean I don't make any real change. I take photos. It's not earth shattering.

As I type this....I am rocking out to my clients new single "Left You Lonely." If you don't have it yet, do yourself a favor and go download it on ITunes.

The thing is, I am a total fan girl of this man. Not becuase he is super famous (yet) but becuase he is an artist and he is going for it. Balls to the walls. Fire at his feet chasing that dream.

I won't lie, I am jealous of this freedom.

What an adventure. I am living vicariously. Have you seen Sing? I am the Mom pig for sure. Have all these ambitions but feel so trapped. Do you feel that way?

Back to Davey. Watching from the sidelines, I see his potential. And, this is what makes me come alive. People that are fearless and just fucking jump. It's rare, and dope AF. I am trying to get there.

When you are in my life, be it client or friend you are my tribe. I stand with you. With my whole heart, and with every fiber of my being I want you to win. I want you to have EVERYTHING you want. I want you to get it and then some. I want you to shine and get to the impossible. I want Davey to win a damn Grammy.

I am not sure what forces brought him into my life. But I am thankful for it. I told him after I took this picture, that when he blows up do something nice for someone who looks up to him. For no reason. I may not see his face for a while, but I am hopeful he doesn't forget mine. I hope that the next time I see his, I need a press pass and a security clearance. And that he is headlining some huge freaking tour.

This is not lip service people. This is not ass kissing. This is how I live my life.

I am in your corner.

I too will get to my impossible. Or die trying. And on the way I hope to inspire people to be kind and fearless. Be brave and go for it. Pay it forward. It comes back to you.

Anything is possible friends.

Dear Davey.....you get that Grammy. See you a the ACM Awards. Two years bro......



P: Here's the link to ITunes


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