I have been thinking. A lot. Entrepreneurship is in my blood. As is coffee.......

I have a pretty tack sharp sense of humor. My style is mostly tomboy, with ripped jeans and the odd Rock Stud stiletto. I have a tattoo sleeve in the works, and I like fried blond hair. I like to make people laugh with my whacked way of seeing the world.

I have a soft heart, but also I swear, a lot. And find humor in the off color, cheeky joke.

So? Let's combine my kick ass fashion sense, with my potty mouth and photography wizardry. I mean, why not?

Today it's happening.

Welcome to The Dirty Bird Branding Co. (Trademark Pending)

Adorable and witty tanks and tees for the dirty yet classy bunch we fucking are!

I have a few hilarious and wearable shirts are in the works.

Tanks and T Shirts will be (wait for it)....ethically made and dope AF.....American Apparel. Organic and soft.

Price Per Shirt will be $48.00 - $55.00 and 10% of merch sold will go back to charities that support women.

This is how I fucking show up. This is how I create something useful and amazing and help those around me.

Etsy link to follow.....

Keep on, keeping on!


Blaire The original "Mother Clicker."

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