"You really love your job, don't you."

Last night I had the opportunity to help with an event that supports a cause that is VERY close to my heart.

Backtrack. About 5ish years ago, I met a human being named Jennifer. It was a fast friendship, and one of the most treasured ones that I have. One of her children is special needs, and being chosen to photograph him set me on my path of helping everyone I could through photography. Jameson changed my life, as did his mother.

Jennifer is an amazing person, she is the Executive Director of Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge. It's a rescue for large breed animals like equine and livestock. Jen and I sort of fell into this mutual agreement that I would help document intake of the animals at their worst, so if prosecution was possible we have all the proof we need forever on film.

I don't want to sugar coat this. This is a hard thing. I hate seeing any living being hurt or in pain. It kills me, but it's how I can help, so I do it. And will continue to do so for as long as I can.

Fast forward to last night. It was the second annual "Star Power with Horse Power" event. We had celebs and philanthropic people from all over. As Maks Chmerkovskiy charmingly put it..."it's a fraternity of awesome." It was so special. I had so much fun, and (in true Blaire form) also totally embarrassed myself in front of Sheriff Penzone and his wife Veronica who BTW are the most lovely people you could ever meet.


As the night was winding down, a man who I have seen at many events came up to me. He is a photographer. He said to me "you really love your job, don't you." Just like that, he knew this was my calling. I responded "Yes. So much. I will do this until I am blind or dead." I breathe this,as does he. He has shot some of the most well known faces on the planet and was humble enough to show me some of his work. We spoke about how our heart and love of this craft is what sets us apart. What makes this our life, and not a hobby. It's not about money.

His words meant so much to me. I can not explain what taking images means. It's my lifeblood. It makes me happy and moves my soul.

You guys, PLEASE....do what makes you happy. Do not be scared. Just fucking do it. Do it now. Be brave and take a risk.

Three cheers for helping those who can not help you in return. This is what the world needs more of.



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