"You are such a fangirl."

At first blush, that comment irked me. But then, like most things I grew to embrace it and now? I damn well own it.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to have been in the same small room as Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy from Dancing With The Stars. They came to an event for a local charity that I help. At first, I was so nervous I didn't even know what to do. I did not go near them, just shot simple photos of them from afar.

That evening, I posted a simple pic of Val to my IG #imagesbyblairecatherine. I went to sleep.

When I awoke, my phone was flooded. Val, had reposted my image and tagged me.

I. Lost. My. Damn. Mind.

Speed up to the following year. Val had since started to follow me on IG. He also had a DWTS win under his belt and was on his way to yet another. He was unable to attend this years event, but his brother and father did.

Let me just interject here. Many celebrities are very hard to talk too. They are distant and cold. That is NOT the case for Maks and Val. They are the nicest people, the most approachable (pending you can get up the nerve to go speak to them and not die of their hotness) and humble dudes you could meet.

It was a GREAT event. We raised 100k for our charity, and that was in much part to Maks.

After the event this year concluded, I went to bed.

The next day, I sent both of them a thank you. And Val a DM. Told Val I was SUPER bummed he couldn't come, but totally understood why. I also wished him luck on the finale of DWTS. I also sent him a few images that I shot of his brother and father.

He replied. HE REPLIED.

Yup. This super celebrity REPLIED to me. ME!?

When I awoke, my phone was flooded. Val once again, had reposted an image I took of his dad that I had sent and tagged me.

I. Lost. My. Mind. AGAIN. Started to bawl at my computer actually. My husband by my side. This was a big deal for me. For my art.

Then, as if the shock of all this was not enough Maks also posted 2 of my images. TWO.

Here is where the "fangirl" thing comes into play.

Listen, famous people have the pick of ANYONE to have photograph them. Maks has been on the cover of People Magazine. Literally, they can hire whomever they want. They have control over their IG feeds and what images best represent them. So, to have my stuff be liked by people who not only are artists themselves, but then chosen and shared with THEIR fans is the biggest compliment there is. Hands down.

Because I am no one. Just some random girl in Anthem Arizona with a keen eye and a camera. A nobody who was lucky enough to somehow find herself in a room with celebrities. No one really knows who I am, and it's so hard to get your work out there. But their kindness did, in a way that I can't do alone.

These people changed my life. They didn't have to do this. I didn't ask them. They just did. It's how I live my life, and it means so much that someone with clout would do this for me.

And for that boys? I am forever your fangirl.

This is my calling. I take kick ass pics of people when they have no clue I am doing it. Respectfully, of course. And I my heart is grateful.

Thank you, for this honor.



PS: Val, you and Normani were robbed. Just my 2 cents. ;)

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