Hi Friends!

It's been a few weeks. My life has been a roller-coaster as of late. I haven't had a moment to blog!

Anyway, I have a few minutes while my kids watch Wizard of Oz.....gonna knock this out.

This past week, I met with a LOVELY couple. They are getting married in November. I had the nicest chat with them. Learned about their life and how they met. Spoke on their love and the wedding.

I would say, I knew about 10 minutes into this that I was not their girl.

I bet some of you are thinking "what!? Blaire, that is thousands of dollars!!" Hear me out.........

I have said this before. I do NOT do this for a paycheck. If that was the case, I would take every wedding and job that comes my way. I would be burnt out.

I would not care as much as I do, and my images would suffer for that. I do this, because I love it. Because I love my clients and respect them. I know that paying for a wedding is not easy for most. Photographers are expensive (with good reason.)

Please, PLEASE listen to me. On your big day, everything will come together. Everything will be wonderful. And also, it will be a damn blur. What you WILL have from that day are images that you paid for to remember that blur for eternity. And they HAVE to reflect who you are.

Do NOT settle.

Choose carefully. You will have people who will only see your dollar signs.....steer away from them. Go with the human being that YOU feel is the best fit. In this case, I knew that I was not theirs and had to say no.

I did this with my heart and out of kindness. I did this with love and I did it so that they get what they want. Because, I won't do this for money. That is a happy side effect for me. I do not bend on my style or vision. And you shouldn't either.

I am here for art and happiness. I am here to help you shine, through my artistic eye.

Let's do this.



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