This is art. And there is no deal......

I have recently come to a conclusion that I should have come to about 4 years ago. *slow learner*

Today I have been tagged in a post on FB 11 times. This is for a person seeking a photographer to shoot her maternity and newborn photos.

First off, it's SUPER DUPER nice that people refer me. It means a lot. I always read the post that people tag me in. And thank the person who refers me. Always.

I read today's post. The girl is asking for "a deal." Literally, this is how she posed the post. There are like 40 people on there now offering to "make a deal" on their art. I want to scream at them. It's like we are some kind of mass mortgage company clamoring for business.

I find this super offensive.

As artists, we are out the gate facing an uphill battle. I can here it now. In the voice of my father....."no one grows up to be an artist because there is no money."

I have been living this lie since I was little when I wanted to be a ballerina instead of a doctor. For some reason, artists are not looked upon as valid or worthy. Art is not looked at as being hard. People see it and go "ugh, I can do that."

Truth is, no. No you can't.

What is SUPER weird is that art is literally EVERYWHERE. Yeah, that shirt you are wearing? Made by an artist. Those couches you sit on? Also, made by an artist. The car you drive? YUP made by and artist. Even the coffee cup you drink out of everyday was created by the brain of an artist.

The fact that I have to say this to people is beyond frustrating. It's a backwards way of thinking that art somehow is not worthy, because it's the most worthy.

It's true. I do a lot of work for free. I do this for those of special needs. I take on families who otherwise would never have photographs taken due to circumstance. I gift them my talent and time. I donate my time to not for profit that I believe in. I do this A LOT. I will continue to do this.

However, I will not discount myself or my art for anyone, anymore. This is not me having a big head or having an ego. This is because every single time I do this, it bites me.

I tell new photogs this all the time. "When you go to Chanel, you don't haggle. That bag is indeed $5k and if you want it, you pay for it. Same with a 911 Twin Turbo or Bugatti Chiron. Because, you get what you pay for." Maybe I should listen to my own advice

We ALL have to start somewhere. That I understand, but to ask someone to "make you a deal" is as bad as saying you don't value them as an artist. Period.

So here are my starting prices so everyone can see. I am told all the time that I am too "cheap" and also that I am WAY to expensive.

*these are subject to change at any time*

Single Portrait Sessions begin at $595 for one hour.

Maternity Package start at $795

Wedding Packages for 50 or less people start at $2400

If you want an artist to create your photograph and not someone who just clicks a camera for money. Please, reach out.

But if you are looking for a deal....I am not your girl.

Art is hard. And also, the coolest.

Cheers peeps! Blairey

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