Just. Keep. Trying.

Sometimes, you win.

Sometimes, you lose.

Sometimes, you learn.

On Friday, I will turn 37. It's hard year for me. I don't like thinking about it. So, I honestly have been avoiding hoping it will be glossed over. It's not the number, as it is the time left. I feel it's so fleeting, and that is so scary for me.

The thing about your 30's is that you kind of start to forget or care. You start to embrace your sense of self, what makes you. Well, you. This is NOT an easy process.

Recently, I posed a question on social media about what (if you had zero obstacle in your way) would be your dream job. Some people had things they wish they could do, some are happily doing exactly what they want.

I don't fall into that latter category. I didn't share what my dream is. I mean, most of you know that it's to shoot for Paper, W, Vogue, Nylon and Vanity Fair. These are lofty goals, but I feel obtainable.

I want to work for the shows, capture backstage chaos of beautiful humans creating beautiful moving pieces of art. I want to photograph iconic people.

I want to take my family with me. I want to see the world.

Today I submitted my work to Vogue Italia. It's an amazing thing, you can literally send them 2 images M-W and the editors WILL see it.

It was promptly rejected. I think in part because the image was of a child, and they do not publish kids in their mag.


BUT....an Editor at Vogue Italia SAW MY WORK. This is huge, and should not be ignored. You CAN get your work seen by those people who get you to where you want to be. You can. Just do it.

I will keep trying. I will keep doing my work. I will keep sending them images until one day it appears with the coveted VOGUE stamp. This WILL happen.

Cheers to turning 37. Cheers to being less scared than we were yesterday. Cheers to going for it.



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