Vogue Italia.

Then it happened. Vogue Italia ONLINE (please do not get this twisted I was NOT in the magazine) published my 2 images.

I have gotten a LOT of texts and msgs from people about this.

First off. Yes, I am so proud of my damn self. I am just a mom, from the burbs in AZ that happened to have an idea, took 2 self portraits and for some reason, someone in Vogue Italia's editing department didn't think was shit. This IS a big deal.

BUT, I am just warming up. My hands are cold and very green. I have much to learn, and much to prove before I get to where I want to be. And, I am no spring chicken.

Listen. I want us ALL to win. ALL OF US. So, if YOU are a photographer who wants to try their hand at this.....here is the link. I would tell you, with every fiber of my being to TRY. Why not? What have you to lose.

Here is the link. www.vogue.it

Google Translate it. Create a portfolio, and you can submit 2 images M-W.

If your images remain, you have been chosen and will show on your public Vogue profile. If they vanish you have not been chosen.

It's that "easy."

I have submitted 4 images. 2 were rejected and 2 were published.

Keep going. Do your work. Study your medium and keep trying.

That is how this life goes.


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