Do your work. Even if no one cares.

Contrary to popular belief (and dream) I do not have print publications beating down my door for me to shoot for them. Yet.

So? To alleviate this need that I have to photograph editorials...I just do it myself. With people who let me, and stuff I have collected over the years.

I am like a high end fashion hoarder. Just call me Carrie Bradshaw.

I have come to the conclusion that no, I am not the "same" as everyone else. I am never going to "fit" anywhere and I just need to accept this. Because every single time I just trust my damn gut and jump, magic happens.

Also. clearly I was clearly born in the wrong time. I love anything ethereal and opulent. I like it overexposed, and luminescent. I like it a little wrong. And that is how I am going to continue to shoot. Forever.

Like it? YAY! Hate it? Oh well. I am not chocolate, I can't make everyone happy. #amIright

MUA: The universe. She is 100% bare faced. I added some red tint to her lips. She was flushed from it being 109 outside. Hair: The universe and wind. Photo: Moi

Edit: Also Moi Model Du Jour: Lauren Brown Styling: Yours truly

Cheers to just doing your work. Even if no one cares.



Also, also....made 2 new published pieces on the old Vogue Italia today...check it.

Booking September and October 2017. YAY!

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