This is my new mantra. I have a friend, who was very active on social media. She had over 200k engaged followers on her feed.

One day? Radio silence. I envied her. To be able to just stop. Then I realized I can do this, too.

I have been fortunate enough to have met some incredible folks on social media. They have propelled my career forward, and supported me fiercely. I will not be deleting those people or groups from my life, but rather just going quiet.

Lots of my friends have text me that they are super sad that my "funny posts" are gone. I like to make people laugh, and feel less alone. But again, I don't live in an IPhone. So? Come over, talk to me. My life is a revolving door of comedy and crazy. And, it's open to you. I often have beer, chocolate and the odd mini session with my Nigel.

So, if you want to see the world through my eyes and lens. Peruse my work my business IG gallery. I would love that.

I am at #imagesbyblairecatherine On Instagram. I do still have my IBCLLC FB account should you need to reach me that way, and I do sometimes post fun fashion related things there.

I am also on Vogue, that I will keep trying to submit my work to, and hopefully continue to be accepted:

here http://www.vogue.it/photovogue/portfolio/?id=162658

Make art, not war.

Here's to being "quiet."

xo- Blairey the "super sensitive" artist.

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