Yo go, guuuurl. Or guy. Or whatever you identify with......

You know what you should do? CELEBRATE.

Did you do something awesome? CELEBRATE IT.

Did your friends do something awesome? CELEBRATE IT.

Did someone you don't know do something amazing and you are happy for them? TELL THEM. And, CELEBRATE IT.

We live in a world of Debby Downers. They thrive on calling out others on their shortcomings. It's a real buzzkill. People must think I am eternally high because I literally WILL comment on EVERY DAMN AWESOME THING you do or post or that I see. Every time. Without fail. I celebrate.

Even if you are a total stranger....I do this.

Why? Because it's dopesprinkles.

Focus your energy on cheering each other on, dudes! Even if that means that you high five someone for brushing their hair or complimenting someone just because. Thank those who help you, but ask nothing in return. You could have a profound and positive impact, and trust when I say it will change your universe.

And frankly, kind peeps that celebrate shit is what the world needs...more than ever.



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