Your ego dear, is not your amigo.

Say it with me. "It's okay if I fail."

I get it. Being passed over (or what you think you are being passed over) can sting. It can REALLY suck when you feel like your friends or colleagues are getting the jobs or work YOU want. It's super annoying.

Then you stew. Your brain goes into hyper-drive...WHYYYYYYY. MEEEEE. Or rather, WHYYY NOT MEEEEE.....And then it happens. You become bitter. You lash out. Your ego emerges.

It's OKAY. We all have this happen. But, let me tell you a true story.

The last few weeks I have had intense conversations with people. Raw, real life stuff. Two of them are photographers. One, is literally killing the game. He is doing the job I wish I had and am fighting for. The other, is one of the most daring women I know, runs like 4 billion business' that cater to photographers and teaches people how to photograph kids. And, she is a master at it. They BOTH get hated on for their success. It's lame sauce, but it's reality.

I envy neither. And, that is the honest truth. I am truthfully just happy for them. And it makes me want to work harder.

What always gets when I "fail" at my own work. When I submit a photo or whatever and it is rejected. Dammit, it's happened 4 times this week! And man, that is what gets me. I get angry and want to give up. My ego emerges. But then I remember when someone who I admire commented on a photo that I took that told me HE failed more times than he can count. His name is Nigel Barker.

And, I have to shut that ego shit right down.

LISTEN TO ME: Just because it's not happening like an avalanche doesn't mean it won't. YOU HAVE TO WORK. And believe. And be nice. Because, there are people, right now in this moment who wish they were you. They wish they could do what you are doing and are fighting with themselves about it. There are people behind the scenes (you probably don't even know them) who believe in you. Right now, as I type this who are helping you and you don't even know it. This has happened to me a few times as of late. I know this, because they pop up randomly on the DM and tell you. I cry every single time.

So don't be a douche-bag. WORK HARD and try to keep that ego bitch in check.

Word to the sensitive artist.



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