It matters.

Hey you. Yes you, the one reading this. Ever think your work as an artist just doesn't matter? Do you compare yourself to those around you?

You're not alone.

The struggle can be and is very real. Often I feel like what I was chosen to do, is just trivial and stupid. Like taking photos is just a "nothing burger" job. That it doesn't matter.

But how wrong am I. Think for a moment, a world without pictures. No paintings. Nothing. Nothing to show us the past. Nothing to show us where we came from. Who we resemble. Imagine a world with no magazines or art. No documentation of anything. Ever.

That world would suck.

Last week, my mother in law died. She was surrounded by those who love her. It became my job, to create the images for her funeral and memorial. My phone has since blown up. Happy flood my tiny screen. So many pics of her life, from childhood until now. Many are just quick IPhone snaps. And while the inner photographer in me cringes at that, I had to let that shit go, and quick. Because what matters is that they are there. Forever.

If you think that your art doesn't matter, take a deep breath and check yourself. The world needs art. The world needs good art and the world needs you.

Take rejection with salt. And move on. We matter.

Document everything. Share it all and don't stop.

This is my gift, to you.

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