Bravery. 2018

"Hi, my name is Blaire. I am a phot......."

A friend posted a very pointed post about how there are SO many out there. With all the gear.

I have a VERY hard time telling people that I am a "photographer." Sure, I click a camera. I make pretty things. But, I am not sure that I have earned the title of photographer, yet.

When I was starting out, I thought that everything I shot had to be tack sharp. Crystal clear. No pixel out of place. As the years went on, and I am learning to use my voice (and eye) I have gained the gumption to allow myself the gift of shooting as I see it. With movement. I am also fortunate that I have folks who enjoy my point of view. I no longer get flustered when people tell me my stuff is weird or I should use have used a flash or whatever.

Not their eye. Mine.

I am knee deep editing a very special wedding. This photo came across my film roll today, and it made me tear up. The love in his eyes, how hers are closed. The "not so perfect" perfection of it. It makes you feel something. They are dancing after all......

So, I may not be brave enough to call myself a photographer (yet) I will say that I m an artist who clicks a camera.

I am fortunate to be able to do this job, and greteful that so mnay of you "get me."

Cheers to 2018, and dancing!



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