Gratitude. The only 'tude I stand behind.

Saying "thank you" seems to be as lost as Atlantis. No one thanks anyone anymore. It's all "me me me."

A few months ago, I was having a rough time. I mean, to be honest I think we all do at some point. Everything was not working. I wasn't listening to the signs before me, nor was I letting my intuition have a voice.

In a panic, I reached out to my friend and told her that I wanted to quit. I am not joking people, I straight up wanted to quit my gig as a photographer. I was seriously considering going back to banking.

She was having none of it. Told me I was nuts and to back off but not quit.

I listened.

I gave myself a few weeks. Did not touch my camera. Did not open any books or study anything. I just rested. And then one day, like magic I decided to come back.

I put out there that I needed help. I needed a mentor, I needed to work with people who do what I want to be doing. And just like that, it happened.

Here is the tricky thing, when people help you and it pushes you forward you must thank them. You must credit their voice in your path and you must do it with vigor. You must TELL them that what they have done for you, is meaningful and that it matters. This is how we evolve forward with grace and sincerity.

Never treat anyone who is "less than you" any worse than those who are "better than you." You don't have to be a doormat, and you can for sure learn something from everyone.

Be grateful for the people who gift you their time. Credit them. Many think I am nuts for this "why are you promoting other artists, Blaire?" Simple. They HELPED me. And it's the least I can do. I took time out of their life, and remember time is not something that I can give them back. So it's precious.

Normal people can do extraordinary things. I am the recipient of so much support, and having a grateful heart is paramount.

Thank you to the following humans (in no particular order)...

Coleen Hodges @coleen_hodges

Lauryn Hare @laurynhare_

Orlando Pelagio @orlandopelagio

Liza Boone @lizaboone

Jennifer Rovero @camraface

Your time, kindness and ass kicking has not been in vain.

Thank you.



2018. New year, new me.

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