Credit. All kinds welcome.

Sorry I have been MIA. It's unintentional. We moved, I decided to try and take a social media break because it was slowly killing me with the state of the world.....

Having sad that, today I read something that another artist friend and I were literally just chatting about.

Artist Credit. Not only when you use someone else's work. But also the "TEAM" you have chosen to produce the art you create.

I get it. A lot of times I am just a one woman show. But a lot of times I am not. There are agents....or bookers, and rad MUA and kick ass Stylists and dope Models and the glue of my life.....Assistants and Assistants to assistants. And whomever else is there. Doing something that helps produce the end game. All a talent, and all part of the process.

So it's really simple. Were they on set or a part of your project? Credit them.

It takes a village. Honor that.

Here is a dope shot of my muse that I took a few months back for Photo Vogue Italia.

MODEL: Lauren B.

MUA/Stylist: Me

Shot at: BLOK Studio

CHEERS PEEPS! Do the right thing, and be nice to each other.



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