“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

― Banksy

It's been a while. I have been busy with our new home and trying to stay sane. I put my camera down for a minute to rest, this the my cycle of ebbs and flow.

As I get older, I am coming more into my own. I am no longer super scared of what people think of me or how my simply living affects them. I am letting myself create art as I see it in my head, rather than filter it for the mainstream to accept as "politically correct."

What hurts my creative flow is not the reaction to my work from the public because most of the time it's accepted and celebrated but but the consequence of my art. When I see my children in the sunshine, and their skin reacts to the water and it forms bumps...to me this is beauty in it's purest of form. I take a photo. When my kid tells me to take her picture because she is proud of her bubbles and not needing goggles...I take her picture and we create ART together.

Listen to me. Every day. Every damn day I get some kind of message or comment that tells me that I am harming my kids by photographing them in the way that I do. It's usually wrapped in "concern" but I know, that the concern is a load of crap. I know what you are saying to me, and it speaks volumes. You are saying that what I am doing is wrong IN YOUR OPINION. That you are entitled to. So, you report my images. Or you try and reason with me as to why what I do, is wrong and should stick to pics of kids running in flowers.

My subjects are live. They are as I see them. I do not pose my children. I do not prompt them, and I do not ask them to do anything. I photograph them as they are. As they are doing it. They are happy. They are not in fear of their own bodies because they are girls. I have taught them otherwise. They are free.

I have never compared myself to Sally Mann, but I have been compared to her. She is the genius that I only wish I was. But, having said that I do understand her. She documented her kids as they were. It made people very upset and uncomfortable. She was ridiculed. She was shunned. She also, is one of America's most celebrated photographers of our time.

So, if you have to comment on my work that it's wrong. Take pause, and look inward. This bizarre way of looking of our female children unless clothed from head to toe has got to stop. It's ridiculous. I know damn well that if my kids were boys, no one would say anything to me about it.

If you are not into my work, please bounce. I won't mind. I have never placed my self worth on the amount of "likes" I have or followers I receive. It matters not to me.

I make art. It's mine and if it moves you? Welp, I have done my job.



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