Give me time and I'll give you a revolution. - Lee Alexander McQueen

I finally was able to watch the documentary of this mans life and extraordinary career. To say that I am shaken is an understatement.

If you have 2 hours and are into that sort of thing. Go for it.

I feel so raw now. Not happy, not sad. Just raw. I wished that I could have known him, the fearless boy who just went for it because he loved to make clothes. There is that saying, that we all try to get back to where we were when we first started. Then again, maybe the reason I feel this way is that I do know him. We all do.

I have been teetering on that ledge. The place of wanting to be my true bizarre and extraordinary self. To show what I actually think about in my mind. To create the art that I want without fearing backlash. This is not ego, each one of us has this within ourselves. It's called a soul. Your perfect and often hidden soul.

To the man to gave us the forethought and ingenious bravery in his 2001 "Voss" Alexander McQueen | Women's Spring/Summer show that paved the way to see where we could take our minds, and in turn lit the fire to the love of all things obscure deep within me. Thank you.

I am ready to Revolt.

If you want to watch the show.... link is below. All rights to prospective owner.

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