Paper Boats.

The other day, I had a dream.

My children were on a boat. It was shaped like an origami folded one. It was made of glass. Each child had a gilded gold crown, and rosy cheeks. The color of the ocean was navy blue, and shaped like the "The Great Wave" by Hokusai. They were joyful and dancing in the sun. My littlest had control of the sail, and was steering their vessel towards the horizon.

It was a dream about freedom.

Recently had a soulful conversation with 2 friends about what doesn't serve us anymore. And how we need to be brave enough to let that go. It can be difficult because there is always the "but I need."

You need air to breathe. That is about it.

So? One day, I just removed Facebook from my life. Cold Turkey. All my contacts, all my "connections" are no longer at my fingertips. And it is okay.

Break free.

I have not died. I am not angry or cross at anyone. I just want to make art, dance with my kids and not depend on anyone else for understanding or "likes."

I am here.

Paper Boat.



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